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The Best Ways to Make Extra Cash

I’ve spent my fair share of time searching the web trying to find an “easy” way to make a few extra bucks in my spare time. I was consistently directed to survey taking or errand running apps. Sounds good in theory, but I’ve found these are either scams or a complete waste of my time.… Continue reading The Best Ways to Make Extra Cash

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5 Struggles of a Beginner Minimalist

  1. Letting go of sentimental objects I still keep some sentimental things, but before this I kept every birthday card I had ever received. I felt bad for throwing away things people had bought me & letters they wrote me even though I never used them or looked back at them. Throwing away ‘things’… Continue reading 5 Struggles of a Beginner Minimalist

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I Tried Hello Fresh & Here’s How it Went

Packaging The package arrived exactly as scheduled & I loved that their was minimal plastic used - everything was recyclable. I also liked that they had each of the meals in separate bags - no digging & searching for ingredients. Recipes Hello Fresh has a pretty big selection of meals if you're on the classic… Continue reading I Tried Hello Fresh & Here’s How it Went

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Beta-Blockers: The Magic Anxiety Treatment

I’ve struggled with anxiety since birth. Mostly crippling social anxiety, but general anxiety about all things life as well. When I was an infant I would flip shit if anyone outside of my grandma, parents, or siblings approached me. That behavior has stuck with me. I don’t scream, cry, & throw my bottle at people… Continue reading Beta-Blockers: The Magic Anxiety Treatment

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Ebates: Scam or Easy Money?

Ebates is amazing & everyone should sign up. Essentially Ebates automatically gives you cash back for shopping at certain stores. If you’re doing your shopping online, I recommend installing the Ebates extension to your browser. It will automatically let you know if there is a cash back offer on the site you're shopping on. Ebates… Continue reading Ebates: Scam or Easy Money?