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Swagbucks: Scam or Easy Money?

I’m always looking for a quick way to earn some cash so I’ve gone the Swagbucks route for a couple months. For those who aren’t familiar, Swagbucks is a website that essentially gives you points for doing surveys, watching videos, or buying products. You can then redeem these points for various gift cards or cash (via PayPal). Here’s a general review of the site & different earning methods to see if it’s worth your time.


I’ve never actually completed a survey, & I suggest you don’t waste your time. I’d spend 5-10 minutes on them just for it to tell me I don’t qualify & “reward” me with 1 Swagbuck (~$0.01). Even if you are the special individual that they’re looking for, most quizzes offer <100 Swagbucks & take 30 minutes. Sooooo you’re making ~$2/hour. These quizzes are useless, & you aren’t going to make any money from doing them. The polls don’t take much time, but you’re also getting pennies for doing it, so I guess that’s up to you if it’s worth going to the site daily for a couple cents. 


I have mixed feelings about this feature. When I use it, I just pull it up & let it play in a separate screen while I mute my computer. I think you get about $0.03 for 6 videos. Granted I’m not actually watching them, I have to constantly check on the browser to see if it’s still playing because it will randomly stop (probably to prevent people from doing what I do haha). Still, I usually don’t think it’s worth the effort. 


You can get Swagbucks for simply buying gift cards or shopping from companies online. Surprisingly, they have some big names like Nordstrom, Macy’s & Amazon. Giftcards usually offer 1-3% cash back & a lot of the online sites offer 1-3 swagbucks/dollar spent. It’s not a ton of money, but it’s free so if you’re going to shop at the stores anyway, might as well.


Swagbucks offers a search engine & rewards you with points just for searching. If you’re willing to stray from Google, you can make a couple extra cents randomly. Personally I don’t think this feature is worth it either.


THIS is the best feature of Swagbucks in my opinion. You can earn Swagbucks for simply buying/trying new products. I got about $20 just for trying Blue Apron, which I was planning on doing anyway. These deals tend to give you more money, & I also really enjoy trying new things so this works perfectly for me.

Overall: Check it out, but only certain parts

Swagbucks is a good site to get some extra cash shopping online. Most of the features are a waste of your time; however, they do have some good offers if you shop online a lot or like trying out new products. 

I definitely recommend installing the Swagbutton to your browser. It will alert you if any site your on is offering deals with Swagbucks so you don’t miss out on a reward.


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3 thoughts on “Swagbucks: Scam or Easy Money?

  1. I have recently learned that the watch feature works better if you install the SwagTV app on your phone. Surveys work better from the Answer app. Basically, to maximize your SB earnings, you should use all of the apps as well as the browser. Try to hit the daily goal as often as you can and participate in Swago when it’s available


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