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Being a Female Uber Driver

Every time I tell anyone that I drive for Uber their initial reaction is one of the following:

“Aren’t you scared???” “I would never do that!!” “Don’t do it at night!” “What if something happens to you?” “Did you see that one time where that one woman got murdered in that one city when she was driving Uber that one time??”

I can happily say that I have not had a single bad Uber driving experience. I have yet to be murdered, & no one has thrown up in my car. The people I’ve met are very friendly, others don’t speak to me at all, & most are too drunk to communicate.

I have a “real” job, but I’ve used Uber to help pay off my credit card debt, pay bills when I’m struggling, & just make some extra cash in general. The best part about Uber is the flexibility. I can drive when I want for however long I want. There’s absolutely no commitment.

Personally, I only drive Uber during the bar hours i.e. 9 pm – 3 am. I rarely ever drive outside of that because that’s when you can make the most money in my city (& i have school & another job during the day). During that period I usually average about $20-$30 an hour.

Uber drivers also get discounts on car insurance, maintenance, Turbotax, phone bills, gas…& a few others.

While a good side hustle, I don’t see Uber being a good full time job. It’s great to earn some extra money, but I couldn’t see myself actually making enough to support my lifestyle. That may be different though if you live in a bigger city. In my city the bar hours are very busy, but there’s a lot of competition between drivers during the daytime hours.

Most of my friends & family worry about my safety being that I’m a woman driving alone with strangers. I do carry pepper spray with me, however, if I actually had to use it I’d probably just blind myself too in the process – seeing as I’m in an enclosed Camry. I’ve never had a single drive where I felt unsafe or had any rude passengers whatsoever. I find it comforting enough that Uber tracks the rides & has all the riders information, so if something did happen, I’m confident that the company would help me deal with it. I do live in a small college town though, so I may be more hesitant to drive in a bigger city.

I see Uber driving as a temporary job until I can actually just support myself with one job (hopefully soon. PLEASEEEE). However, Uber does provide you with infinite stories of drunk passengers…..for now though, I’ll just continue being the DD for my fellow college students.



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