Rules of Adulting

#1 You’re Not That Busy.

I feel like this is the #1 excuse I go to for everything, & I know I’m not alone.

I’ll say I’m too busy to go the gym, too busy to read books, too busy to call my family, too busy to study….well you get it. It’s such a ridiculous excuse.

This busyness is usually just laziness, disinterest, or disorganization. You’re not too busy; you just don’t want it. At the very least it’s not a priority. Anything you really want you will prioritize & make time for.

People tend to overestimate how busy they really are. I’ve tried tracking how much I worked for a week, & let me tell you, I vastly overestimated my productivity. i was constantly taking breaks or working on other projects….pretty much everything besides focusing on the task at hand. Honestly, try it yourself. It’s quite eyeopening. I never realized how inefficient I was.

Now that I’m adultish & shit, I’m going to attempt to stop. I’m not too busy, probably just too lazy. I’m going to focus on prioritizing my life & working towards my goals.

Basically, we’re not as busy as we think, so no more using the “too busy” excuse.


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