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Actually Making a Vision Board

While I’m very motivated by my vision board I’m still a little embarrassed by it. For whatever reason I think it’s lame but I secretly love it at the same time. I tried my best to make it inconspicuous. Kinda just looks like a random cork board with pictures & such.. not a visual presentation of everything I dream & want out of life…because that’d be weird.

Anyways here it is in all its glory:


I prefer the cork board so I can always change it, because God knows I’m indecisive. I’m a big fan of lists & crossing things off just makes me really happy, so i chose to have lists of both my short and long term goals. I also have pictures of things I want, places I want to travel, quotes that motivate me….well I guess you can see everything so no use in explaining.

Include everything that inspires & motivates you & then work on bringing it all to life. Waking up & seeing it every morning always gets me motivated to start my day. I’ve also heard of people making their “vision board” their entire apartment – i.e. they put pictures, quotes, or whatever else throughout their apartment so they constantly see it. I honestly feel like that might work better; however, aesthetically I think I prefer my motivation in a central location. Not a big fan of the look of taping pictures throughout my home.

Visualization is a powerful exercise, so I guess now that I have this board I’ll be a millionaire, with a Tesla ,& an adorable french bulldog puppy…I’ll let you know how that goes.


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