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Dollar Shave Club


Dollar Shave Club‘s website is super easy to use. They give you 3 different choices for your razor ranging from 2 blades ($1/month) – 4 blades ($9/month). I went for the executive razor because obviously have to go all out & it’s most similar to the razor I was using beforehand. You can also choose how frequently you want them to ship the razors & there’s no commitment – you can cancel your subscription at any time. 


Shipping was a couple days later than they told me, but still pretty fast!

The Razors

I was very impressed with the quality of the razor. The handle has a really good weight to it & feels so much nicer than the plastic disposable ones I’d been using. I was a little worried about the shave because I’m use to the razors with the large moisture bar; however, I was pleasantly surprised. The razor gave a close shave & didn’t irritate my super sensitive skin at all. It works just as well as the $20 cartridges I had been using for years. The only negative is how long the razor lasts. I usually used the name brand razors for 3-4 weeks without replacing them. I find the Dollar Shave Club lasts about 2 weeks before dulling – they are cheaper though so I guess it’s a trade off.


The Products

The trial kit comes with a sample of their shave butter, which has raving reviews. It definitely was not what I was expecting. I usually use a thick cream to shave so when I put the shave butter on & it didn’t foam up, I thought for sure I was going to have insane razor burn. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I had zero irritation & my skin was super soft afterwards.


Overall – I think I’ll stick to it.

The convenience of having Dollar Shave Club shipped to your door is nice & the quality of the razors is great for the price. I don’t think I’ll get the box every month since I definitely don’t use 4 blades monthly. For the quality of razors, it’s a pretty great deal – especially for the $5 first month box. I think I’ll add on some of their other products in my next box to try those out as well.

For some extra money too, Ebates offers 5% cash back on Dollar Shave Club purchases so you can get a bit back as well.

*This post contains affiliate links.


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