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Reduce Your Power Bill

I’ve become increasingly cheaper as I’ve gotten older & the one thing I’m particularly stingy about is power. Here’s how I cut my power bill down to <$30 every month.

Ditch the air conditioning & heat

Both services are beyond expensive. Use them when it’s unbearable, but otherwise turn it off, especially if you’re leaving your place for an extended period of time.

  • Hot?
    • Strip. (if you are roommate bound, probably should ask first.) At the very least wear less clothing. Maybe invest in a cheap fan or open a window.
  • Cold?  
    • Sweatshirt, coats, blankets, scarves…it’s relatively easy to warm up. Not as easy to drop $90 on a power bill

Update Your Lightbulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs are more expensive, but they last longer & save you money on power so definitely worth the investment. Personally, I like the Phillips LED Light Bulbs.

  • Own your home?
    • When the lights burn out replace them with energy efficient ones. 
  • Rent your home?
    • Change all your lightbulbs, but store the original ones. When you move out take your fancy shmancy energy efficient lightbulbs with you & put back their out of date ones.

Hand wash Your Dishes

Personally I basically hand wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher anyway soooo I’m attempting to just cut out the whole dishwasher step entirely.

Reduce Your Hot Water

Heating water is expensive. 

  • Take shorter showers or take cold showers
  • Do your laundry in cold water as much as possible. Hand wash it if  you’re super dedicated (I am not). 

Turn off the Lights

Obviously turn off all your lights when you leave your place, but also don’t leave them on when you’re not in the room. Open up your blinds & let the sun in.


I keep all of my electronics unplugged & plug them in as needed. They call it ‘phantom energy’ – many electronics will continue to draw energy when they’re plugged in, even if the actual device is turned off. So just plug them in when needed & save some cash. I’ve been many a time called cheap for doing this, but hey even if it’s just a few pennies that stuff adds up.


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