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Inbox Dollars : Scam or Easy Money? isn’t a scam, you will probably get your money; however, you’re going to spend a shit ton of time trying to earn it. Here are your various ‘options:’

Surveys – Scam. Waste of your time.

Inbox Dollars will offer surveys up to $1.25 (usually). When you click on it, you’ll answer several questions just to let it know you’re not qualified, but don’t worry!! They’ve found you another survey to try, granted it’s worth a fraction of the original. You’ll continue this cycle of not qualifying & them offering you another survey forever. If you actually complete a survey, the end will require you to sign up for various emails & deals so they can send you spam. Most even ask for your phone number, address, or credit card information. 

TV- Waste of your time. 

The tv feature sounds great in theory. You open the tv page on their site, pick a category you’d like to watch, & it shows you various videos. They then give you scratch cards worth up $10, $25, or $100 – the potential value of the scratch card increases with the longer you watch tv; however, I’ve never earned more than $0.10 from even the highest scratch card.  

Shop- Potentially profitable but unreliable. 

The shop seems to offer some decent deals, giving you money back for purchasing certain products. I’ve never actually used this feature though because of poor experiences with the rest of the site.

Games – Scam.

All the games require you to pay money to play. You’re paying actually money to earn pennies back. 

Videos – Waste of your time. 

Inbox dollar has list of videos you can play that are usually 15-60 minutes long. You get a penny back. 

Overall – Stay away.

Not only are most of the offers scams, the website itself is awful. It constantly freezes, videos are slow to load, & the whole site is just glitchy. It requires you to earn $30 before they’ll pay you. Since you earn pennies at a time, this will probably take eternity. I thought I would just earn the first $30 & quit; however, coincidentally the closer you get to cashing out, the harder they make it to earn any money. Strange how that works….Since then I gave up on the site entirely. It’s not worth the time. You will probably get you’re money eventually, but you’re honestly better off getting a part-time job or using another site. 

I recommend staying away from InboxDollars & if you’re looking for a similar site that actually works & you can actually earn actual money from I recommend checking out Swagbucks. More reliable, more profits, & substantially less time investment. 



*this post contains affiliate links.


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