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Uber Driver Essentials

You really don’t need anything outside of your phone & car to drive Uber, but here are the things I always keep with me to keep my passengers (& therefore myself) happy. Most are things I keep in my car regardless.

1. iPhone & Android Charger

People are always wanting to charge their phones. I keep my phone plugged in & just unplug it when someone asks to borrow a charger. I like the Swiftrans as it’s compatible with both the iPhone & Android so you don’t have to have 2 cords.

2. Aux Cord or Bluetooth Transmitter

Have one of them available since some passengers request to play music from their own phones. I’ve used a GOgroove for years. Since I have Spotify, I’ll usually just let the passengers play whatever they want from my phone. 

3. Phone Mount for Car

I prefer to use a magnetic car mount since it’s really minimal & most people don’t even realize it’s there. It’s also so much easier to place & remove your phone. 

4. Camera

It may be a good idea to invest in a dash cam for your car. In the event that something bad does happen, you’ll have evidence. I like the Vantrue N2 Pro. It films pretty well at night, & has both a front & rear camera so you get footage of everything.

5. Pepper spray, taser

I’ve never had to use them, but it’s always best to be prepared & able to defend yourself. I use this taser & pepper spray.

6. Hand sanitizer

I just attach the hand sanitizer to the back of my headrest & people use it when they want. I also like to keep it on hand anyway to use after pumping gas.

7. Drinks & snacks

Personally, I’ve never provided passengers with food or drinks. Most of my rides are <10 minutes & no one tips so it’s not really worth it; however, I always carry a water bottle & some snacks for myself. 

8. Flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables

Random safety essentials everyone should have in their car.

9. Air freshener

Always good to keep Febreeze on your air vents especially when you have bar goers in & out of your car.

10. Wipes, paper towels, soap, gloves, vomit bags, handheld vacuum

I’ve been fortunate enough not to have anyone puke in my car; however, if it happens I’m prepared. I keep vomit bags in the pockets in my back seat & the vacuum, paper towels, wipes, soap, and gloves in my trunk. If someone throws up, you’ll want to document it then clean it immediately so it’s best to have supplies on hand. I also find I need to clean my windows & vacuum a lot so I like to have them in my car.


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*This post contains affiliate links.


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