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I Tried Blue Apron & Here’s How it Went


I love that all of Blue Apron’s packaging is recyclable & if you don’t have access to recycling, you can ship it to them & they’ll recycle it for you.. All the ingredients were individually packaged & labeled as to how they should be stored. Some were labeled as to which recipe they were for which was helpful. 


Of the meal delivery services I’ve looked into, Blue Apron has the largest variety. As I am trying to eat a more plant based diet, I liked that I was able to get some of the vegetarian meals while also getting a meal from the regular plan. All the meals were super easy to make & each of them took 30-45 minutes, which was great.

Expectation vs. Reality

I was delivered three different meals (2 portions of each): ancho chili chicken tacos, fresh gnocchi & summer squash, & pepper, onion, & olive pizza (I skipped out on the olives). Disclaimer: I’m not a chef nor professional photographer. My food definitely didn’t resemble the artistic pictures I was presented; however, it did taste amazing. I loved all 3 of the recipes I tried. They were all very flavorful, & inspired me to venture away from my routine food schedule. The portions were also pretty large, & I was able to stretch the pizza & gnocchi to last 3 meals each. It amazed me how the recipes were so simple, but produced so much flavor. It also created an obsession with gnocchi. While the recipes were things I’d never think to cook myself, they were safe & not beyond adventurous, which I appreciated. 


Blue Apron provides you the nutrition facts for each of the meals in your package, and they’re also available on their website. The meals aren’t unhealthy, but they tend to be of higher calorie. I prefer only eating about twice a day so this wasn’t an issue for me. All the food seemed to be of high quality., & again, all the ingredients tasted amazing. Definitely more healthy than eating out. 


You can get a Blue Apron Trial for about $30, & you can get a $20 rebate from Swagbucks too, giving you 6 meals for $10, a hard deal to pass up on. After that, it’s about $60 for 6 meals. Personally, I find that a bit pricey, so while I fully intend to keep trying Blue Apron, it will just be occasionally.


I was surprisingly impressed with Blue Apron. I’d spoken openly about how I thought it was a rip off; however, I’ve been proven wrong. The convenience is unbeatable. The recipes are simple but amazing. While I currently can’t afford to get Blue Apron weekly, I fully intend on splurging when I see some recipes that entice me.


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