Adult(ish) · Money Talk

September Budget

I came to the realization recently that I am very broke, & I have no idea where my money is going. I live paycheck to paycheck & feel like my debt is forever increasing. I have absolutely no savings.

I took this month to breakdown every dollar that I spent…..& it was bad. Really really bad.

I’m ashamed to even post this… but maybe the shame will make me change my ways?

Budget Overview
September 2017 Budget

From this study, I’ve concluded I spend way too much money on alcohol & eating out. I’m essentially throwing money away on hundreds of dollars of fees that I could avoid entirely. I also have way too many random shopping fees. I tend to spend a lot of money on energy drinks, water bottles & snacks which I feel is hurting me financially.

Credit Score

September FICO Score

My credit score is definitely suffering. I’d like to work on getting it back above 700.

Goals for October

  • Cut back on eating out, alcohol, & random shopping purchases
  • Avoid unnecessary fees
  • Pay off $200 of credit card debt
  • Get a new job

Soo hopefully October I will behave better? We shall see.


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