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Trying Out Quip: The Facebook Famous Toothbrush


Quip offers a variety of plans with various brushes & features. I opted for the Starter Set which included a copper metal Quip brush, a replacement brush head, a travel cover/mount, & toothpaste.  This totaled to $40 & refills would be shipped monthly at $10 each.

You don’t have to sign up for a refill plan but most the products are more expensive without it, & you have to pay shipping (there’s free shipping if you’re signed up for a plan).



Quip is pretty. It has a really nice minimal design, & I loved all the color choices. It’s pretty much how I (& I assume most people) got sucked in. I really liked how small the brush was in comparison to the electric brush I’d been using.



I’m really not sure why the brush vibrates. You can feel the brush vibrating in the handle; however, the vibrations don’t do much for the actual brush head. The bristles are very soft. It felt like brushing with any other manual toothbrush. It does have a 2 minute timer to make sure you brush long enough, with 30 seconds intervals to tell you to brush different areas of your teeth.



Quip is pretty & the brush itself is made well. The vibrating feature doesn’t do anything – making it just a $40 toothbrush. You’re paying a lot in the initial purchase for the aesthetics of the brush, but the $5 refills aren’t as crazy pricey.

I feel like I’d be more interested if they just ditched the whole vibrating part (cutting the cost) & made a cool looking brush with replaceable heads. OR if they even invested in an actual electric tooth brush.

I liked that Quip is dedicated to teaching people about oral health. When I initially used the brush, I was turned off by how soft the bristles were, but after reading the information Quip provided, I learned anything else basically destroys your gums. My gums had actually been bothering me, & using Quip for a while made that stop. I’m thinking my electric toothbrush is too rough..orrr more likely than not, I’m using it incorrectly

Currently, I’ve been going back & forth between Quip & my Oral-B Pro. I like to use the Quip for travel since it’s so compact, but it hasn’t convinced me to give up my electric toothbrush. It did convince me to buy softer brush heads.

If you’re willing to spend $40 on a cool looking toothbrush, go for it; however, a $2 toothbrush is going to work just as well. Personally, having an aesthetically pleasing toothbrush isn’t a top priority for me, but still. I have benefited from it’s softer bristles…


If you want to try out Quip you can click this link to get a free $5 refill.

You can also sign up for Swagbucks & get $15 back for purchasing a plan from Quip.


*this post contains affiliate links.



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