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Ebates: Scam or Easy Money?

Ebates is amazing & everyone should sign up.

Essentially Ebates automatically gives you cash back for shopping at certain stores. If you’re doing your shopping online, I recommend installing the Ebates extension to your browser. It will automatically let you know if there is a cash back offer on the site you’re shopping on.

Ebates also alows you to connect your credit card. If your comfortable doing so, it will offer you cash back on those purchases as well.

I honestly love Ebates, & I haven’t had any problems with the website. I simply get cash back for purchases I would’ve been making anyway. It’s really that simple.

If you’d like to get super ambitious, I recommend signing up for Swagbucks too. By signing up for both & connecting your credit card, you’ll get double the cash back.

If you’d like to try Ebates out you can use this link to automatically get $10 after you make your first purchase.



*this post contains affiliate links.


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