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Beta-Blockers: The Magic Anxiety Treatment

I’ve struggled with anxiety since birth. Mostly crippling social anxiety, but general anxiety about all things life as well. When I was an infant I would flip shit if anyone outside of my grandma, parents, or siblings approached me. That behavior has stuck with me. I don’t scream, cry, & throw my bottle at people anymore, but I do have this intense physical reaction to social environments

When I read about other people’s anxiety it always seems rooted in thoughts, but I don’t relate to that. . I don’t fear people. I’m not scared of socialization. I consider myself somewhat rational. I have my off days, but for the most part I have my anxious thoughts under control.

My body feels vastly different. Trembling voice. Shaky hands. Rapid heart rate. Hyperventilation. GI problems. Sweating. Weakness. Insomnia. Trembling. Just a few of my body’s reaction’s to social situations or even thoughts of the future.

I’ve tried a multitude of drugs too long to list to conquer my anxiety, but the life changing drug for me was unexpectedly propranolol, a blood pressure medication. I discovered propranolol on various message boards, where there was success story after success story of people taking propranolol & their anxiety symptoms disappearing. I figured it was too good to be true, but I had to try it out. I presented the idea to my doctor, & he had no problem writing me a prescription for propranolol 20 mg.

I simply take this in increments before a situation I know I’ll be anxious & bam I’m completely fine. Recently, I used it before an appearance I made in court, & it worked flawlessly. My voice was calm, my hands were steady, & I was able to clearly articulate my thoughts. This was the first time in my life I’ve spoken in front of a group of people comfortably.

I usually take 20 mg 2 hours before the anxious situation. If I’m still feeling off I’ll take 10-20 mg every hour. I’ve found this completely stops all the physical symptoms of my anxiety. Paring propanol with 1 mg of Xanax stops the physical symptoms & anxious thoughts altogether. It’s honestly a miraculous combination.

I reserve the pills only for the times I know I’m going to have severe symptoms – giving a speech, interviews, crowded parties, etc. It’s definitely not something I take regularly.

If you’ve had a similar struggle with dealing with the physical symptoms of anxiety, I highly recommend talking to your doctor about beta-blockers. After trying over 15 different anti-anxiety/antidepressants this is the first time I’ve felt relief.


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