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I Tried Hello Fresh & Here’s How it Went


The package arrived exactly as scheduled & I loved that their was minimal plastic used – everything was recyclable. I also liked that they had each of the meals in separate bags – no digging & searching for ingredients.


Hello Fresh has a pretty big selection of meals if you’re on the classic plan. I actually wanted to order the vegetarian plan, but they only offer 3 vegetarian meals a week, so you don’t get any selection. All the meals took less than 40 minutes to cook & were incredibly simple to make.


I received 3 meals: chicken parm salad, creamy shrimp tagliatelle & chicken pineapple quesadillas. I was excited to try all 3, but particularly the quesadillas because I LOVE pineapple with savory foods. They didn’t disappoint. All 3 of the recipes were delicious. As usual, mine did not represent the beautiful pictures I was presented, but they tasted great. 


The food was all fresh when it arrived & they provided a sheet with nutrition facts for each meal. The meals were a lot lower calorie than I expected & each meal had a good portion of veggies. 


The plan costs $9.99 per serving, making my order come in at around $60.


Hello Fresh is a good service that take away all the hassle in cooking i.e. shopping & planning. The convenience is unbeatable & they offer some good recipes. I personally can’t justify spending $60 on some salad & quesadillas. However, each meal was a safe bet that pretty much anyone would enjoy, & it did get me in the kitchen & off my takeout diet. It’s cheaper than eating out, but definitely more expensive than just going to the grocery store, but again, you’re paying for the convenience. When I order next time I think I’ll try to be more adventurous with my meal selections.

If your interested in trying Hello Fresh, you can click this link to receive $40 off your first purchase.



*this post contains affiliate links.



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