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5 Struggles of a Beginner Minimalist


1. Letting go of sentimental objects

I still keep some sentimental things, but before this I kept every birthday card I had ever received. I felt bad for throwing away things people had bought me & letters they wrote me even though I never used them or looked back at them. Throwing away ‘things’ does not get rid of the memories associated them. This is still one of the hardest things for me.

2. Getting away from “just in case”

Keeping items just in case you may need them someday is kinda ridiculous. Especially if you’ve gone years without using said item. Get rid of it. If you need it 10 years from now, buy another one. Don’t keep things around, if you don’t use them

3. Temptation of Consumerism

We live in a culture that praises excess, so seeing everyone else indulge in consumerism can seem tempting or even cause jealousy. It’s sometimes difficult seeing other people buy tons, & tons of things but…..

4. Things will not make you happy

Filling your life with a lot of things will not make you happy. I’m definitely one to go on spending sprees when I’m feeling down or depressed. Sure, it makes me feel better temporarily; however, it doesn’t solve the real problem. Eventually, it just makes me more stressed because I have more things & less money.

5. Quality over quantity

Since attempting to live more minimally, the quality of things I buy has increased substantially. Because I don’t go shopping often, I can afford higher quality things. Also, I now don’t buy anything unless I absolutely love it. Before my closet was stuffed, but the majority of the items inside I didn’t like, never wore, or still had tags on them. While I have less clothing now, I love each piece that I have & use them all regularly.


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