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The Best Ways to Make Extra Cash

I’ve spent my fair share of time searching the web trying to find an “easy” way to make a few extra bucks in my spare time. I was consistently directed to survey taking or errand running apps. Sounds good in theory, but I’ve found these are either scams or a complete waste of my time.

In my city, the errand running app opportunities were few & far between.  The surveys are even worse. 99.998% of the time I try to take one of those stupid surveys I’ll be 5-10 minutes in & THEN it will tell me I’m not qualified. The rest of the time you’re getting paid less than $1 per survey. Not only are these surveys incredibly boring, but you could work less and make a ton more money just getting a part time job.

Here are my favorite side hustles that I have actually done that will actually make you money and actually not waste your time and actually require minimal effort. Like actually.

1. Uber, Lyft

I am an Uber driver & have done a more in-depth review of the company in this post; so read there if you’d like more information. I average around $20-$30 an hour driving uber (granted I only drive during the bar hours i.e. 9pm -3am). That’s more than I make at my “real” job so I consider that good money. Make your own hours, drive as much as you want, it’s the perfect side hustle.

If you’d like to try Ubering you can use this link to get a $125 bonus for signing up to be a driver. For tips on driving Uber you can check out my post Uber Driving Essentials.

2. Social Media

Whether it’s blogging, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook…etc. etc. There’s a lot of money to be made in the social media world through brand affiliations, paid posts, product reviews, and other avenues. It takes some time & effort to break into & actually be making money, but once you do it’s something that can provide a reliable income.

3. Ebay, Craigslist, LetGo….etc.

Go through all your possessions & sell the stuff you don’t use: old textbooks, clothes that don’t fit, books you don’t read, anything & everything. There’s someone that will pay you for your stuff.

4. Swagbucks, Ebates

I know I talked a lot of shit about surveys, BUT Swagbucks actually offers more than just surveys! I specifically recommend installing the “Swagbutton.” The company gives you money back for shopping on certain sites or trying out products. I have a complete review of the company in my post Swagbucks: Scam or Easy Money. If you sign up for Ebates and Swagbucks they give you a percentage back on all your purchases from certain online sites. If you’re like me & do all your shopping online, it’s a nice way to get some cash back on purchases you would’ve made anyway.

5. Etsy, Amazon

This one actually requires a skill, but if you can make a product sell it on one of the above platforms. A friend of mine makes hundreds of dollars a month making lanyards out of paracord & selling them on Facebook. Who would have thought there was a market for that?? Point is, if you have a skill or hobby & are good at it, people will probably pay you for it.


One thought on “The Best Ways to Make Extra Cash

  1. If you like pets and don’t have a criminal record, walking dogs or feeding cats while people are on vacation is in high demand. Animal boarding costs are very expensive, I paid $20 for someone to feed my cat per day while on vacation. Clean the litter box, refill the water and food bowls. (takes less than one hour)

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