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Beta-Blockers: The Magic Anxiety Treatment

I’ve struggled with anxiety since birth. Mostly crippling social anxiety, but general anxiety about all things life as well. When I was an infant I would flip shit if anyone outside of my grandma, parents, or siblings approached me. That behavior has stuck with me. I don’t scream, cry, & throw my bottle at people… Continue reading Beta-Blockers: The Magic Anxiety Treatment

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my weight loss beginning.

I've always wondered how people get fat. How do they let it get so out of hand? As soon as I gain a few extra pounds or have to up my jean size; I handle it right there. It's so much easier to just get ahold of it at the beginning. Then, it happened to… Continue reading my weight loss beginning.

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Managing Depression & Anxiety Medication Free

I worked in a pharmacy for years & I honestly got sad about the amount of medication some people take. (( I’m not recommending that anyone just stops taking their medication -  just have a discussion & maybe bring up ideas to discuss with healthcare providers. I fully understand that some people have health issues… Continue reading Managing Depression & Anxiety Medication Free