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5 Struggles of a Beginner Minimalist

  1. Letting go of sentimental objects I still keep some sentimental things, but before this I kept every birthday card I had ever received. I felt bad for throwing away things people had bought me & letters they wrote me even though I never used them or looked back at them. Throwing away ‘things’… Continue reading 5 Struggles of a Beginner Minimalist

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Trying Out Quip: The Facebook Famous Toothbrush

Price Quip offers a variety of plans with various brushes & features. I opted for the Starter Set which included a copper metal Quip brush, a replacement brush head, a travel cover/mount, & toothpaste.  This totaled to $40 & refills would be shipped monthly at $10 each. You don't have to sign up for a… Continue reading Trying Out Quip: The Facebook Famous Toothbrush

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Reduce Your Plastic & Save Money

Plastic Bags Blue Avocado is a company that manufactures leakproof reusable bags. Essentially reusable Ziplock bags. I’ve been using them for years & they’ve never failed me. They’re easy to clean & will eventually save you money as you don’t have to keep buying Ziplocks. Outside of that, it also helps the environment by reducing… Continue reading Reduce Your Plastic & Save Money

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Actually Making a Vision Board

While I’m very motivated by my vision board I’m still a little embarrassed by it. For whatever reason I think it’s lame but I secretly love it at the same time. I tried my best to make it inconspicuous. Kinda just looks like a random cork board with pictures & such.. not a visual presentation… Continue reading Actually Making a Vision Board